Independent London Porsche Garage

Operating as independent London Porsche garage allows us to provide our customers a wide range of services at the most competitive prices. By using contacts from across London, and the UK, we ensure all the parts we use are authentic Porsche. An independent London Porsche garage means we deal with from minor issues which take a few minutes to resolve right through to our renowned 119-point service.

Trust is the Key to Our Independent London Porsche Garage

Unlike big, retail car garages we form long lasting relationships with both our suppliers and our customers. These long lasting relationships are based on trust – trust that we will work with our suppliers and trust that we have our customer’s interests at heart. An independent London Porsche garage means we run at low overheads and don’t have a corporation to report our figures to – we only want to supply excellent service at a price that works for our customers.

Different from Other Independent London Porsche Garage’s

There are a number of independent London Porsche garages but we are set apart from the rest of them because of a number of reasons. We have Porsche trained personnel working throughout the business, from the person who answers to the phone to the mechanic who does the work – everyone lives and breathes Porsche at 911 SBD. With a Porsche racing background we have put the skills learnt in the pit lane into operation in our garage. Quick, efficient assessments and accurate quotes are the bedrock of the outstanding customer service we provide.  These allow our customers to know what work is needed and what sort of price they could be looking at.

Contact us

Using an independent London Porsche garage provides many benefits so may be it is time to visit us yourself. Whatever you think is wrong with your Porsche, let us take a look. You’ll soon know what work is a priority and what isn’t, which will allow you to plan your finances and the time without the car.

Contact us now, please call us on 0208 2080464 or contact us online or even pop in for a chat. We will be happy to discuss what we can do, as an independent London Porsche garage, to help you.

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